(last updated 20 July 05)

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Hi, my name is Geraint Tucker (but most of my friends call me Gez - that's with a 'get' G sound rather than a 'gem' G sound). If you've never come across my name before and want to know how it's pronounced, click here.

I was born in Derby, England on March 1st 1982. However I moved to Cardiff before I was a year old so I feel very much Welsh (I even waited two weeks past the due date to be born so I could be born on St David's Day - St David is the patron saint of Wales).

I became a Christian (find out why) when I was 13 (I think - can't remember if it was '95 or '96) at Spring Harvest - a big gathering of Christians held every Easter, and that is without doubt the most important decision I ever have made or will make.

In 2004 I finished a 4-year maths masters degree at Bath University, and got a 2:2 (did very badly in my third year, but got good marks in my final year to pull the average up). I have a freelance job as sports editor of the National Student (a free monthly student paper), and have recently finished working as Warehouse Manager for an internet company, www.blushingbuyer.co.uk.

Hobbies & interests:
I suppose you could count Church related things in this section, but it is far more than just a hobby! I have a page for sermon notes - take a look if you're interested.

Pretty much anything related to sport (although only occasionally playing it!), including also sports journalism, which I'm hoping to have a career in!

Crosswords - cryptic ones, setting them and solving them - see my crosswords page. If you're looking for a crossword setter or crossword writer for your magazine/website etc, please get in touch at crosswords@gptucker.net!

Music - I play piano, drums, guitar & bass guitar to a decent standard, and dabble with the odd other instrument like harmonica & penny whistle. I do a little bit of song-writing, but struggle when it comes to lyrics. I also enjoy listening to music, and have quite a variety in my collection - some of my favourites bands are Greenday, The Seekers, Fastball, Madness and The Supertones but I never rule out anything! I have done a bit of work as a session musician at a friend's home recording studio, so if you need a session musician in or around Cardiff, get in touch! My email address is gptucker@gptucker.net

There's probably more, which I'll add when I think of it.