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Here you'll find random things that I felt like writing about - something that annoyed me, amused me, or I found interesting.

My comments about:
(17 Mar 06) The 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, or more specifically why the website is simply not good enough.
(06 Nov 04) The TV program 'Wales on Saturday' and why the BBC need to give it a re-think.
(04 Aug 04) The new Tory transport policy and why they've got it wrong on speed cameras, but are closer to the mark on speed limits.
(04 Mar 04) Sainsburys self-checkout and why it's more fun to watch others use it than risk looking like a fool yourself.
(02 Mar 04) The AUT strike and more importantly, why the NUS had no right to join in.
(22 Feb 04) Ireland vs Wales and how Wales lost the game, rather than Ireland winning it.
(15 Feb 04) Iraqi Contracts and the lack of Iraqis involved in them.
(15 Feb 04) Marco Pantani and his inspirational mountain cycling that will not be forgotten, after his tragic death.
(11 Feb 04) Everton fans and their complaints about Man Utd players.
(11 Feb 04) Tuition fees and the lack of debate surrounding them, including a general whinge about student life & attitudes.