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Welcome to my cryptic crossword page! (last updated 28 Feb 08)

(If you are looking for a cryptic crossword setter/writer for your magazine or website or anything else, please email me at - my fee is small and negotiable).

You can now rate the difficulty of each crossword, and the average ratings will appear on the crossword list page. Votes can be placed from the individual crossword pages, but please make sure you have a good go at the crossword before voting!

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I enjoy solving & setting (British style) cryptic crosswords. The ones I regularly attempt are the Guardian crossword 6 days a week, the two Observer crosswords on a Sunday (I finally completed the Azed crossword for the first time in December 2004!) and the Private Eye crossword every fortnight.
So far, the places my crosswords have appeared are The Fourth Arch (a no longer functional online magazine based around my local pub in Cardiff), in Impact (the student paper at Bath University), in the National Student newspaper (of which I'm also sports editor), and in The Beat (a magazine at the British Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai). My setter name is 'Granite', although I also wrote a few as 'Hercules'.

The 101st Granite crossword is now available to do online and also a printable version. For a list of all the free crosswords available on this website, click here. I'll be adding new ones regularly (hopefully every few weeks) and I will put up an interactive version and a printable version of each crossword.

I have made a help page with some advice on how cryptic crosswords work, and how to solve them.

If you want more help, perhaps you should try Crossword Maestro, software which can solve crossword clues with a remarkable success rate, and explain the answers. And if you want some help with anagrams, or want to find some for yourself, try Anagram Genius.

Please note: all crosswords are Copyright (c) 2004-2008 Geraint Tucker (Granite Crosswords,
Please do not reproduce any of the crosswords without permission.