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This page is for things that I like, and that if you've never come across or given a proper chance you should check out for yourself. There will probably be more things added here as I think of them (last update was 06 Aug 06). To see other websites that I like, see my links page.

The Bible - if you've never really read much of this, I'd recommend you give it a go. You could start from the beginning and read all the way through, but I'd recommend reading the four gospels first - Matthew, Mark, Luke & John.

John Buchan - he wrote lots of great books in the early to mid part of the 20th century - adventure/thriller books which are great fun, and also give a fascinating insight into the era the books are set. He's also written some interesting biographies, and an autobiography.

Tony Hawks - he's written 4 fantastic books, three of them about weird bets that he's made (Round Ireland With a Fridge, Playing The Moldovans At Tennis & One Hit Wonderland), and the other - most recently - about buying a house in the Pyrenees (A Piano in The Pyrenees). The books will make you laugh, and also tell you lots you didn't know about various parts of the world. See the links section for his (highly amusing) website.

Fastball - not a particularly well-known band, but their album 'All The Pain Money Can Buy' is my favourite album, and it's hard not to like their catchy, rocky songs.

"Weird Al" Yankovic - he writes and performs funny songs, some parodies of existing songs & some songs of his own.

The Arrogant Worms - more musical funnymen, from Canada, some of their songs are really quite hilarious (I particularly recommend 'Carrot Juice Constitutes Murder').

Jackie Chan - almost any film with Jackie in is worth watching. He does some incredible stunts and brings humour into his fight scenes.

Still Crazy - everybody talks about Spinal Tap when it comes to music-related films, but no-one talks about this. Still Crazy is a great film about an old rock band getting back together - good music, good fun, good laughs and good drama!

Yes Minister - an incredibly funny and clever sitcom, and it is amazing how the subject matter is usually still (worryingly) relevant to current politics.

Cryptic Crosswords - these are great fun, and not necessarily as difficult as you might think (see my crosswords page).

University sport - if you are a sports fan and a student, go and watch some sport and take some mates with you, it may not be professional but it's still good fun, and there aren't many other places you can watch sport live for free!

Taking photos - since getting a digital camera in February 2005 I've been taking loads of photos, and am really enjoying it. You can see some photos that I have taken, and hope to sell, at

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