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LINKS PAGE (last updated 19 Mar 06)
Here you will find links to various web pages that I think are fun or interesting or useful, or something like that.

Time wasters: - a fun online game in which you create & manage bands, and try to take them to the top of the charts, playing against thousands of other people. As long as you don't get too hooked, it only takes up a few minutes each day but is good fun! - lots of free games which you can play online. - a free online football management game, playing against many other people. Not as good as things like Championship Manager, but still pretty good. - website of top writer & comedian Tony Hawks, the best bit being his replies to emails sent to him by people who thought he was Tony Hawk, the pro-skater. - help your team get to the top of the league by playing a fun online football game. - it's no candystand, but still has plenty of free online games.

Sport: - up to date sports news & results - match reports sometimes appear here for Team Bath FC, the Bath University side who compete in the southern premier league. - website providing fixtures, results, tables etc for the Dr Marten's League. - the main website when it comes to university sport. - the official website of the world's greatest cycling event, the Tour de France, which includes live updates on every stage.

Crossword Related:

Crossword Maestro - software which can solve crossword clues with a remarkable success rate, and explain the answers.

Anagram Genius - great site for finding anagrams for fun, or for help with crosswords.

Useful links: - buy DVDs, CDs and computer games at low prices. - free online radio (with a small number of adverts), where you can rate each song that is played, along with the artist, album & genre, to influence what music is played to you. You end up with something pretty close to your own radio station! (You'll need a yahoo account, which you can sign up for if you don't have one already). - UK version of the Internet Movie Database, a very useful site for finding info about old, current & coming-soon films.

Church/Christianity related: - a website offering unbiased answers to theological questions from someone with a Bachelor of Divinity. - website of the Bath University Christian Union.

Other/Miscellaneous: - official website of one of the best sitcoms ever, updated fairly regularly. - the homepage of a friend's recording studio based in Cardiff, but mobile equipped. - the homepage of the National Student newspaper, of which I am sports editor. - an online stock photography website, where you can buy and sell digital photos. You can find my own photos at