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How do you pronounce Geraint?

Geraint is a Welsh (boy's) name, and non-Welsh people often have some trouble saying it. I'll try a couple of ways of explaining it:

1. Say 'get pint', but instead of the 't' & the 'p', have an 'r'. Emphasise the 'GE' not the 'RAINT'.

2. It starts with a hard G (as in 'good', not as in 'general') and rhymes with 'pint'. Apparently my Dad (who is English, but my Mum somehow convinced him that I should have a Welsh name) learnt how to say it by using the phrase 'Geraint drank a pint', but this could be a bit misleading as the emphasis is on the first syllable, not the second. The sound of the 'e' is like in 'get'.